Exploring Antisense Based Therapeutics 's Therapeutic Potential And It 's Utility As A Research Tool

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This research project will aim to explore antisense-based therapeutics in two key areas, it’s therapeutic potential and it’s utility as a research tool. Antisense technology uses a single stranded molecule that is complementary to a specific sequence and binds to that sequence to ultimately silence it. With two antisense based therapies being approved by the FDA, antisense based therapeutics have been shown to hold potential in both research development and therapeutics. A literature search will be undertaken comprising of books, journals, review articles, news articles and clinical trials. The evidence will then be categorised against the aims of the project. The evidence will be assimilated through critical analysis using research methodology assessing the quality of research papers and systematic reviews using tools such as PRISMA. A descriptive summary and tables will be used to present the evidence using objective statistical tools where possible and meta-analysis will be applied if the data is homogeneous. The project aims to critically evaluate the available evidence highlighting the therapeutic potential of antisense treatments in specific disease areas as well as its future potential. The research potential of antisense as a tool will also be evaluated using an evidence based approach.

Antisense-based therapeutics have attracted much interest as a novel class of agents for the treatment of ‘viral infections, cancers and genetic disorders due to their…
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