Exploring Bird's Article, College is a Waste of Time and Money

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Exploring Bird's Article, College is a Waste of Time and Money In the article "College is a Waste of Time and Money", Caroline Bird explains why higher education may not be the best choice for high school graduates. Bird writes that students do not attend college because they want to, but because of what others expect. College is merely the trend in today's society. It is an escape from the real world. Students may be shuffled into a system that is neither financially nor academically beneficial. During the first part of the article the author writes that colleges use techniques to sell themselves to students just like any other product on the market. They advertise what they have to offer and tell students what they want to hear.…show more content…
In fact, not very many eighteen-year-olds belong there. Students look at the college experience as a sentence or as an escape from home. Young people want to be independent yet still be financially attached to their parents. The education that many students are receiving is not worth their time or their parents' money. Society relays the message that young adults are not able to decide what they want to do, so going to college is the only path to choose. Students need to decide what they want to do for themselves. Throughout the middle section of the article Bird writes that young people do not necessarily benefit financially by attending college. College is a bad investment if making money is the objective. Depositing the money in the bank and receiving the interest would yield a higher income than going to college for four years and using that degree to get a job. Parents fail to see that it would be better to give the money to their children than to buy them an education. Students are not completely interested in the money aspect of their future jobs. They want jobs that are enjoyable and will allow them to use their talents productively. Colleges encourage young people to major in something that will help them to obtain a job having these traits, but the institutions fail to inform students that jobs such as these are hard to find. Students are convinced that colleges will find work for them. Most students will have to settle for whatever

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