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“Hatred does not cease in the world by hating, but by not hating; this is an eternal truth.” This philosophy quoted from Buddha is only one of his many great teachings that inspire people all over the world to live their lives in a loving and respectful manner. The Buddha influences so much because he was such a great man. He sacrificed a kingdom, wife, and child in order to pursue Nirvana and find enlightenment. HE invoked the Dhamma, and spread his ‘pro-life’ principals to all who would listen. In the sixth century before the Christian era, shortly preceding the Buddha’s birth, religion had been forgotten in India. Priests of the time were irreligious, performing meaningless rituals of sacrifice and amassing great wealth for …show more content…
The four signs were an old man, a diseased man, a dead man, and a monk. Suddhodana, to prevent his son from leaving the castle, surrounded him with every luxury and indulgence possible. Siddhartha was married and moved into a walled palace, never allowing him to see the four signs. One day, the prince managed to get out of the palace walls and venture through the town. The prince at twenty-nine saw all of the four signs and gave up his worldly life (Duane 6). Siddhartha left his home and walked to the hills where many hermits lived, eventually gaining enlightenment. He attained Nirvana and his face shown with ecstasy. “His heart was filled with profound mercy and compassion. He wanted to share what he had with humanity. He traveled all over India and preached his doctrine and gospel. He became a savior, deliverer and redeemer” (Armstrong 66). The number of Buddha’s followers increased, as he became known for his earthly philosophies and loving acts. Buddha requires every Buddhist monk to take a vow, to abstain from killing any living being. In order to honor this vow Monks must stay in one place the entire rainy season of four months to prevent from killing the countless small insects (Sivananda 21). This to me shows great appreciation for life, regardless of how small. I feel more compelled to look lovingly on all things, even a spider on my wall. Perhaps I will capture it and let it outside now, instead of

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