Exploring Contemporary Designs For Performance

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Exploring contemporary designs for performance, by researching and discussing designs and artists I can explore different technique’s, professionals use to present their designs to the general public, and if it is successful or not. The areas I will be exploring are Exhibition work, Performance work, Studio work, Presentation work, Official websites and Instillation work. By exploring key designs, I can make general observations and develop an understanding for design and many different styles and techniques. Once I have knowledge on the bodies of work my practitioners have undertaken, I can pick apart the process and final result. Alongside bodies of work I will also study statements and manifestos, of and about, my practitioners for a…show more content…
I have chosen these artists because they all have unusual styles and different approaches to design and have all exhibited at the Make/Believe exhibition in 2015. These creators have all undertake works in instillation, exhibition and speculative design in one form or another. Tom Piper, was first introduced to me as a guest speaker at Nottingham Trent university. During His presentation he talked of his current projects and instillation work. Once the make / believe exhibition had opened it was interesting to see the project come to life after seeing original drawings and ideas. Alexander Ruth, was first introduced to me at the make/believe exhibition, I liked how the practitioner uses different techniques like fashion and costume to give performance a life of its own. I also liked the question which was displayed in the exhibition “what is a performance environment, and, how can we experience performance with and on our own body through participation”. I was familiarised with Nettie Scriven through the Make/Believe exhibition and her collaboration with Nottingham Trent University. I also worked closely with this designer during my placement work and small freelance jobs which has given me “Real world experience” and first hand observations and discussions. To gain knowledge on my practitioners I will do primary and secondary research on contemporary projects. using such resources as; • Personal Blogs/ Gallery’s • Achievements and
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