Exploring Contemporary Designs For Performance

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Exploring contemporary designs for performance, by researching and discussing designs and artists I can explore different technique’s, professionals use to present their designs to the general public, and if it is successful or not. The areas I will be exploring are Exhibition work, Performance work, Studio work, Presentation work, Official websites and Instillation work.

By exploring key designs, I can make general observations and develop an understanding for design and many different styles and techniques. Once I have knowledge on the bodies of work my practitioners have undertaken, I can pick apart the process and final result. Alongside bodies of work I will also study statements and manifestos, of and about, my practitioners for a first and third party approach to design. I will also involve myself with live and on line discussions which will help to form a theoretical, political or philosophical perspective on contemporary design for performance.

Throughout the project I will be exploring contemporary design for performance, taking experience from the make/believe exhibition where all my practitioners exhibited. I will also be using my placement as a reference, as I have worked closely on a one to one basis and gained “real world experience” With Nettie Scriven. Using my body of research, I can record and follow my achievements and progress on my blog website resulting in a Final conclusion.

During this discussion I will observe three practitioners Tom Piper,…
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