Exploring Culture in Ali's "Brick Lane" and Hughes' "I, Too, Sing America"

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Culture is something we have all heard in our daily lives. In literature, culture is used very well and analyzing it to get the true meaning of culture portrayed in a text can be very useful. Culture can mean various things from what you do and what you think to your general lifestyle. It defines the person you are and is present within everyone’s life.
Culture is very important in texts and it is worth analyzing. You know a lot more about the text if you know the meaning of culture in that text. (E.g. Which actions are accepted or denied). You get to discover motives for peoples’ actions and also get to know the general lifestyle the characters live in.
I will be analyzing culture portrayed in two texts: “Brick Lane” by Monica Ali, …show more content…

The main character we are meant to focus on is Nazneen. Through the character of Nazneen we learn more about characters like her father and sister. Hasina’s elopement affects both Nazneen and her father. The father probably sensed a loss of control over her daughter which he tries to put right with Nazneen’s marriage. This could be the reason for the forced marriage. Also Nazneen completely accepts it and this could be because she has seen the consequences it had on her sister.
There are two clear parts to the story: one about the life in the Pakistani village and the other in the English estate. Although there is a big distance between the two places and also a big difference between the two cultures and societies, life didn’t change much for Nazneen. She lived in a small council estate and there were situations that reminded her or closely linked back home for her at Pakistan. (i.e. The smell of the bins next to her house, her house in Pakistan had a similar smell close by). There are many paragraphs but they are all relatively short. This could represent the many small changes that happen through the life of Nazneen.
This text is written in a serious tone, and not humorous and doesn’t aim to be. This piece of text uses a lot of metaphorical language for the reader to ponder and imagine. The hawk: “circled and fell like a stone, came up again and flew against the sky until it shrank to nothing.” This is one of the metaphors that are used that

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