Exploring Different Sources Essay

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Exploring different sources

There are many different sources that can be used. The problem is that magicians do not think of, or take advantage of them. Some involve the way you present your information using those common sources. Those presentation concepts also carry through with extended marketing you do.

When using these sources, you need to keep records. This will require extra time, and effort. Keeping records of exposure and results will help you direct your energy into the sources that work best for you. The more sources you can come up with the better your overall marketing efforts will be. To get you started here are 10 suggestions.


We all need to take the lead from successful marketing that works.
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Then it goes into the contact me information. The entire DVD lasts fifteen minutes.

SUE: She produced a DVD showing a Linking Ring manipulation, a jumping knot ending, some work with silks, two flower productions (partial endings only) and her opening torch to cane opening. Then it goes into her contact information. None of her clips are full routines. They only show enough to generate an idea and show the ending “wow”.

Now the simple question is which DVD will have the best chance to generate a contract. The response is always Sue’s. It teased the viewer with magic and ideas and her contact prompted contact to talk about the ending results.

All your extended marketing should take a teaser approach, if possible.


Many magicians have bumped up their social media marketing with a simple contest. In my area, an entertainer posts on Facebook for people to “like” his page to be entered in a drawing. That drawing is for a pair of tickets to the minor league baseball team’s game. His investment was $20 for the tickets. The results were the multiple likes on his page. And, we all know that likes multiply your social media marketing efforts.

What makes his efforts better is when he works the crowds during the game. The team often provides the tickets to him in exchange for his entertainment. He avoids this being used so often it loses impact. We all
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