Exploring Employment Seeking Behaviors Of Persons With Hiv / Aids

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11. Hergenrather, K. C., Rhodes, S. D., & Clark, G. (June 01, 2006). Windows to Work: Exploring Employment–Seeking Behaviors of Persons with HIV/AIDS Through Photovoice. Aids Education and Prevention, 18, 3, 243-258.
‘Windows To Work’ is a photovoice research developed with 11 people leaving with HIV/AIDS with the objective to identify what influences their employment-seeking behavior. This topic is relevant for people living with HIV/AIDS as it appears to be an important factor that contributes to their personal well being, and more people are facing this challenge after new available treatments have enhanced the longevity of people living with this disease. The researches chose photovoice because they believed this methodology would provide the opportunity to fully investigate the participants’ reactions and responses, providing deeper insights of their employment-seeking behaviors. While the article explores the limitations of the research, the chosen methodology did not appear to present any limitation. In fact, the article mentions that photovoice provided the structure to explore the intended topic and describes it not only as a research method, but also as an empowerment strategy among vulnerable groups. The findings of the research reinforce the importance of employment among people living with HIV/AIDS and identify the challenges faced when doing so.
12. Snow, M. M. (January 01, 2007). Improving morale through photovoice technology. Nursing Management, 38, 10, 50-2.
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