Exploring Evelyn's Anxiety

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Client History:
Evelyn is a 23 year old female who presents with anxiety when tasked with presenting potentially controversial topics publically. She is a writer, and has frequently been too nervous about her controversial pieces that she frequently wrote anonymously in the past. She is an avid follow of St. Thomas Aquinas. Evelyn has dependency needs that came about after an unpleasant experience when her father became angry when he left her family.

Presenting concerns:
Evelyn has developed anxiety when it comes to public speaking. She becomes anxious whenever she must speak in front of an audience, and she is very afraid of being a television journalist. Whenever required to speak publically, Evelyn would develop some sort of sudden illness
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Once she had told me her background about her anxiety when in front of others, censoring herself in the press, and her desire for a relationship, we agreed that: 1) We will work to see how external societal factors have contributed to the issues Evelyn is experiencing. 2) We will work to create a trusting and helpful counselor-client relationship that will consist of thoughts from both Evelyn and myself. 3) We will dive into the causes of Evelyn’s anxiety and problems with relationships and their grounding in society’s expectations that are influencing Evelyn. 4) We will work to find solutions that will help Evelyn lessen her anxiety and become more comfortable with herself, regardless of societal norms. Once we agreed that these would be our goals throughout our time together, we decided that we would aim for 15 sessions, however that was subject to change based on Evelyn’s…show more content…
I felt it necessary to point out how strong and brave she was to call out practices in a public format that many may not agree with. When asked why she did not put her name on her editorial pieces, Evelyn disclosed that she was afraid of what others would think of her writing about controversial topics. This brought us into some gender role analysis. She mentioned that the boys were the members of the paper that got the interesting and controversial stories, while the female journalists received assignments for more “fluff” pieces, so she was uncomfortable writing something against the norm with her name attached. I mentioned to Evelyn how great it was that she was able to pull herself away from the standard female fluff pieces and really write thought provoking articles, even if that was not what was expected of her. As Evelyn continued to explain more about her time writing, she mentioned that she became more willing to attach her name to many of her articles after becoming a follower of St. Thomas Aquinas, who encourages owning up to and taking responsibility for one’s own personal views. She said that through those readings, she became more confident, adding her name to controversial pieces, however it led to severe anxiety whenever she needed to present
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