Exploring Homosexuality In 'Pray Away The Gays'

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Do you want your homosexual to be destined to go to Hell? Are you afraid that your child will infect the other heterosexuals with his or her gayness? As the head leader of a program called “Pray Away the Gays”, I can guarantee your child will understand how to change from a homosexual to a heterosexual. It is known that in one unit, one out of two kids will be homosexual. In addition, in this world today, less than half of the population is known to be a heterosexual citizen. If you join this program, we will go through the processes to make your child revert back to what the Lord desires – a normal human being. The gays aren’t normal; they are the wrong doings of this society. Gay – as some will say – is the synonym of happiness. However, “gay” isn’t compared to happiness. Gay is sin and if someone who is a homosexual will be rotting in hell. Isn’t evident that the Lord made a man and a woman in the beginning of humankind’s time? We, the heterosexuals, know that it is Adam and Eve, not Steve. It…show more content…
This program will be a month long course during the summer or winter months. In addition, this program will contain three courses to help your family and the community to convert and save your child. The first course will be taken in the morning, it is called “How to be a Heterosexual” which is an hour class. It will teach your child the differences of the gays and the straights. Of course, it’s easy to learn and your child will understand quickly that being who they think they are is disobeying the Lord. The second course, which is another hour long class, will have all the gays get in a circle and have them repeatedly chant that they are straight and will be forgiven if they change. The third course will have all the homosexuals in church going over bible verses and having the priest tell them the ways of the
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