Exploring How Parental Divorce Before the Age of Six Affects The Child’s Attachment Relationships in Adulthood.

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The likelihood of a person’s marriage ending in divorce presently stands at fifty-percent in the United States. As a consequence many children will go through the divorce process as well. What is important to note is that many children go through divorce before the age of six and this is very significant to their development. Most importantly from infancy through the early years of life (preschool years), children are working on forming secure attachments. There have not been many studies done about the impact of divorce on children younger than six years old. Only one study was found where child participants were aged 3 to 6 years (Nair, & Murray, 2005). The few that have found interesting results, discuss how divorce prior to the…show more content…
Regarding divorce and its affects on attachment theory, Rogers (2004) reviewed how divorce often leads to the separation from an attachment figure and the affects this has on a young child. The interruption in development of the parent-child relationship seems to be most harmful to children under the age of six post-divorce. The separation can cause a disruption in the development of an attachment figure (Emery, 1999). Risk and protective factors that are commonly associated with post divorce adjustment in young children were also looked at. The experience of parental divorce may possibly affect the way an adult recalls early relationships and with parents. This appears to have an adverse impact on participants' recollection of early bonds but not on current adult attachment orientations (Lopez, Melendez, 2000). Those children with insecure attachments post-divorce may or may not be at higher risk for divorce themselves as adults. In fact, in many studies it os the children who had formed secure attachments as children that are more likely to divorce in adulthood. In one study children from divorced families who were classified as secure had a very low rate of divorce and that the group most likely to divorce within the first 6 years of marriage were those who were classified as Secure in their attachment relationships to parents but insecure and unhappy in their relationships with the partner (Crowell, Treboux and Brockmeyer,

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