Exploring Judaism

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Judaism, which originated in the middle east, is one of the oldest religions in the world. Judaism is the religion from where Catholicism and Islam have their roots. The main difference between Judaism and the previously mentioned religions is that Judaism is based on the old testament entirely excluding the new testaments in its teachings. Jews believe that they are the people chosen by God and that because of the covenant they have the duty, more than any other group of people, to keep the law of God. The law of God in Judaism comes in the form of the Torah. The books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, which are said to have been written by Moses, form the Torah. Judaism just like most religions through time has …show more content…
When you enter the temple the object that stands out the most is the big candlelight-like structure on the upper part of the wall behind the stage. Later I learned that the wall below the candlelight could be open to reveal a sanctuary that is supposed to represent the arc that the Jews carried through the dessert. Although the one in the temple does not utilize olive oil or real fire, the candlelight on top represents the eternal light that the sanctuary had which burn with pure olive oil. The arc is an extremely important symbol in Judaism. It contains several beautiful Torah's with covers with different captivating designs. The beauty of the Torah's cover is important because it is the word of God and it is a way too honor God. The Torah's are to be written in parchment by a Jewish scribe who has special training and it takes about a year for one to written. The Torah's kept on the arc are usually only taken out on special occasions such as Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah. Jonah a boy about thirteen years old was to have his Bar Mitzvah the day following the service I attended. This event allowed me to observed a slightly different service. During this service I could observe how Jonah and his family were made to be part of the service more actively than the rest. Their attire was extremely formal, they were sitting on the front, and both Jonah and his older sister were made to lead prayer. Jonah particularly was made to lead the service several times. At the
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