Exploring Life as a Refugee

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In the three books, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Culture by Anne Fadiman, Dreaming in Cuban by Christina Garcia, and The House at Sugar Beach In Search of a Lost African Childhood by Helene Cooper, each have a war refugee who lives a life full of tragedies. What is a war refugee you ask? War refugee is someone who has left their own country due to a dangerous event that is happening in their country. These people do not want to leave their country because they are leaving all their memories behind, but they have no choice since it is for their own good. Leaving a country and moving to another has its drawbacks. People need to learn a different culture and get use …show more content…
Lourdes has money and she is successful. Though it is a good life for her, her family back in Cuba were not as well as Lourdes is. It’s hard for Lourdes to contact Celia and vice-versa. Celia wanted to stay in Liberia because it’s “her commitment to El Lider” (117). Even though if Lourdes wanted to take Celia with her family, she wouldn’t have gone. Another reason could be that Lourdes didn’t have the money back then to bring Celia along. Money is a big problem when traveling. This reminds me of my life. My family and I live in the United States of America while my father’s parents live in Hong Kong. Communicating with them is hard because of the time zone difference. It’s also hard to visit them because of the expense of traveling. During the summer, my parents couldn’t go with us to Hong Kong because it would be too expensive so they only sent me and my brother. Even though Lourdes is successful in the United States, she didn’t want to travel to Cuba not because she didn’t have the money, but she hated Cuba. America changes people. It makes us forget about the past. Regarding America changing people’s life, Helene Cooper’s life was changed after she left Liberia and moved to America to deal with the racism. Cooper is a Congo girl who lives in a mansion at Sugar Beach. Her family is rich because of her parent’s ancestor finding Liberia. Helene and her family lived happily at Sugar Beach until her parents went through a divorce.
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