Exploring Myths and Narratives: Snow White

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loring Myths and Narratives: Snow White A very popular story from my childhood is the story of Snow White. There are several different versions of the story, from the somewhat child-appropriate Disney version to a very racy Neil Gaiman short story with the same main characters that is far more sexual than the child-oriented fairy tales. However, the basic plot line to the story remains the same. A king becomes a widower, left with a beautiful young daughter, Snow White, to raise on his own. They spend several years alone together and have a very close relationship, and then the king decides to remarry. His new wife, the Evil Queen, is remarkable for many things, but it is her physical beauty that is the most noteworthy. She is the most beautiful woman in the realm, and, because of that beauty, many people assume that she is also benevolent and kind. Initially, the three seem to form a happy family. However, the king dies. In some versions of the story, the new queen kills the king, while in other versions of the story she has nothing to do with his death. After his death, as Snow White ages the queen begins to reveal her true personality. She is very jealous of Snow White and concerned that the growing beauty will eventually eclipse her own attractiveness. She begins to hide Snow White away from others, hoping that keeping her beauty hidden will ensure that she remains the most attractive one in the land. However, the Evil Queen is not simply beautiful and evil, but
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