Exploring Oneself

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Explore a time when you felt like "other" when you were made to feel invisible, excluded, or too visible. It is often inevitable that social groups are created through the mutual or shared interests of individuals. These groups often have similar beliefs, customs, demographics, creating a unique niche in which an individual can participate in. These groups often provide a sense of belonging and self worth which manifests itself through an expansion of belief and customs. Religions groups, political organizations, sports teams, and so forth all create this sense of belonging (Terry, 1995). However, as these groups are created, it is common for others to feel excluded, or invisible. These individuals would like to enter the group, but for some reason or another are excluded. This has been my personal experience in regards to sports. I personally have a profound interest in sporting events. This interest manifested itself through the viewing of various athletic greats, such as Adrian Peterson, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and more. As my infatuation grew, so too did my desire to emulate these individuals. However, as I attempted to associate myself with some of the more athletic individuals within my school, they shunned my approach. They believed me to be inferior in regards to my athletic ability and therefore did not "earn" the privilege to join their unique group. This behavior created a sense of resentment within me. I felt invisible and excluded. I had a desire and a
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