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FEATURE Go for a walk around Phuket. Phuket is well known as a Pearl of Andaman because of its beautiful beach and many tourist places such as Patong Beach, Kata Beach, Karon Beach and Lam Promathep. Actually there are additional factors such as its culture, architect, historic and much more that is enough to make this city became a paradise. City of Tin. In the past, Phuket was the resource of tin exported to many countries in Ayutthaya. The tin industry was the most prosperous reign of King Rama 3 that was an important role in economic growth the trade along with Chinese and Westerner. After the amount of tin engulfs the world, Tantalum plant was shut down. Still leave the beautiful trace on the architecture, food, religion and…show more content…
Inside is a venue of cultural exhibitions and historic interest of Phuket Town. In additional, you can experience the permanent exhibition about the life of ancient photos of Phuket town. Opened every day without charge. Then walk to the way to Krabi Road that you can see the luxury old villa owned by Phra Phitakchinepracha the mine owner. It is a magnificent and beautiful edifice. Adjacent to the villa is the location of the Aunt Mai Noodle Shop which is famous for 50 year old with many selection of Thai rice noodle, Fried fish, Fish Homok very tasty and reasonable price. Deebuk Road and Yaowarat Road Deebuk Road is old street which was a wealthy community in the past. Currently becomes the popular intersection between Deebuk and Yaowarat Road where people wake up early and come for breakfast in Hok Kian Chinese style. Many recommended menu such as Hok Kian Fried Noodle, Dim Sum, Hok Kian Spring Roll and etc. You can find one villa owned by Luang Amnat Nararak, the Chinese leader who conserved the tradition to eat vegetables. Ground floor is opened for parking. Set alone and separate distinctively among other buildings. Yaowarat Road features a walking for souvenirs shop, art galleries and cafes along the road. Also has several points and tourism place to explore. If you do not want to walk just rent a bike. We recommend to rent the local taxi with map in hand. Don’t miss Yaowarat Road,

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