Exploring Racial Conflict Of America Essay

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Exploring Racial Conflict in America The United States of America is comprised of citizens who have rights given to them that are explicitly written in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. All of these people exhibit diversity. Some came by choice, others by slavery. They have different religious and political beliefs, different sexual orientations, and different nationalities. Each man or woman has these freedoms given to them by the Constitution. However, public sentiment does not always follow the freedoms outlined in the Constitution. Racial conflict is an example of sentiment reflected in society that has existed for decades upon decades and has always been in the undertones of American society. Racial conflict is the most important and prominent recurring theme in the latter half of American history encompassing negative and positive trends shaping America into the society it embodies today. Racial conflict has always been a very pressing problem throughout the political arena and government branches. It was one of the main causes of the Civil War and led to Confederate sympathizers assassinating a sitting President. After the Civil War ended, Reconstruction cultivated tough times and daunting experiences that newly freed slaves had to endure. For example, “As one North Carolina freedman testified, the Yankees, “tol’ us we were free,” but once the army left, the planters “would get cruel to the slaves if they acted like they were free.” It is
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