Exploring Religious Education Essay

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Exploring Religious Education The Church has a problem, attracting youth. The Church needs youth to keep the Mass going, because as the old get older, the young get less interested. Churches in Canberra are already taking action to attract young people. There are youth groups that hold concerts, parties and get togethers so that people of the same age group can meet and relate to each other. The youth of today has not been brought up in a Church based community as the Generations before them had been. Young people have less knowledge of the history and meanings of Church, Mass and the Bible. This makes it hard for a teenager to sit though a Mass. Children that have been brought up in a Church…show more content…
Young people need to be supported though life, and Churches are a community that should be aiding in this support. A counselling group, or a youth centre where teens can ask about their troubles and get answers that are normal and down to earth would be an excellent idea to get youth into Church. Members of the Church community also need to bring themselves down to the same level as the young people in the congregation. Ministers need to have conversations with the youth as a young person and address the issues that young people face with the knowledge of an adult, but the frame of mind of a teenager. Most teens are intimidated by larger, dominating figures. If they came to understand that Priests and other members of the clergy are actually human, and have had the same problems, then they might be more attracted to the Church as a whole. Teens need to be able to relate to what is being said in Church. Topics that are used for Masses should have connections to current affairs and teen issues. Mark important days and holidays with a celebration in a more modern way. Bringing out the fact that Jesus was a human who did wonderful deeds instead of the Son on God who had a path to follow, would interest teens. It is important to bring out the humanity of Christ and God, rather than the Divinity. Then people have something to relate to. Teens will only be interested
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