Essay on Exploring Social Care Policy and Provision

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Exploring Social Care Policy and Provision Defining poverty is not easy and there are several reasons for it and again in different countries levels of poverty differ depending on culture. Dallos, R and McLaughlin, E describes one reason for poverty being ‘the welfare state, and calls for fundamental changes in its operation’. I will be exploring how poverty and the welfare state are linked how it has emerged and what has been done to help eradicate this for those immersed in this lifestyle. One of the ways people can be helped and poverty can be targeted is though through welfare rights Bateman, N (2005). I will look at the role of the welfare rights unit where I had my first practice…show more content…
This was the drive for change and the way forward for the welfare state it actually identified. ‘Five major problems that needed to be tackled in post-war Britain ‘want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness’ Pierson, J and Thomas, P (2002). This report made several recommendations to combat these issues and the benefits system was created, several policies were made to support the recommendations like the Family Allowances Act 1945 the National Insurance Act 1946 and so on. The Beveridge Report though did also have several failings in it, which concentrated on the more vulnerable members of our society like those who are disabled and sick, as it was targeting those who could work and maintained benefits at low levels so to encourage the return to work. Though the National Assistance Act of 1948 did assist to help solve some of these issues as it imposed a duty on local authorities to provide accommodation for those in need for people over 18 who are ill or disabled Beveridge, J (1954). This is still an ongoing trend today that these people are still disadvantaged by the system and by the means tested way it works. The welfare rights process though helps those who are disadvantaged in several ways like assisting as advisor and advocate Marshall cited in Banks S (2002) 'recognised that the aim of the welfare state is not to remove inequalities of income, rather than
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