Exploring The Aspects Of Development That Are My Priorities For Following School Year?

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Adolescence is defined as the change between childhood and adulthood. Many changes happen at this stage. Adolescence involves things such as puberty, independence, and a time to find self-identity. I will be discussing my Virtual Child, Adelina as she went through adolescence. This essay is going to delve into her skills; abilities, preferences, personality and areas of difficulty across all domains of development at the age of 11and relate them to theories such as Piaget and Vygotsky. This essay will be exploring the aspects of development that are my priorities for Adelina for the following school year, what could be done to support Adelina’ development in these aspects of development and what the school could do to support Adelina and myself. 1.What aspects of development are the priorities for following school year? Adelina consistently contributes to cooperative group activities and respects the rights and possessions of others, has consistently appropriate social interaction with peers, and even seems to be a kind of peer leader. She listens attentively, follows directions, and follows school rules. She is quite effective at time management, and highly consistent in working independently in the classroom and on homework. She has almost no problems completing assignments and turning them in on time. However that wasn’t always the case, when she was a in her earlier adolescence she was really shy with new people and always hid behind my husband or my back. We didn’t
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