Exploring The Concepts Of Critical Thinking

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Exploring the Concepts of Critical Thinking
Vivian E. Ryals
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University

Exploring the Concepts of Critical Thinking
The topic selected and expounded upon within chapter 10 Integrative Education: Modifying General Education will be Critical Thinking. Critical thinking is vital when it comes to interpreting and solving problems effectively. Additionally, possessing such skills play a large part in an individual’s ability to be able to communicate well. Critical thinking also aids in clearly articulating and assessing these problems. Utilizing the skills enables an individual to reach an adequate solution; through more of a systematic process.
Critical thinking is set of skills that corporations are expecting potential hires to acquire and possess. However, many adult students who have graduated college and universities have never been introduced to this concept. One reason students lack having acquired these skills is that these institutions currently do not have critical thinking added into their curricula. Lastly, while researching; I discovered some professors tend to think that possessing such skills are not even necessary.
Why is critical thinking so important? To understand why it is so important we must first understand what it really is. There are many ways to define critical thinking; which is why I began my introduction with what I believe it to be. To add a bit of clarity to my definition, it is…

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