Exploring The Concepts Of Love And Romance

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From what I hear, “love is dead”. It is not uncommon for my friends and I to discus the current state of our relationships or lack thereof. Conversations sparked by the various campus crushes that needed to be talked about, later developed into large group discussions amongst the guys and girls of my social circle trying to understand the current state of romance. These discussions, or more often debates, have enabled us to share our ideas about dating, relationships, and hookup culture in ways that many haven’t thought to consider. What had initially appeared to be nothing more then friendly gossip and chatting has quickly developed into an insightful and thought-provoking open forum. Exploring the concepts of love and romance through the various lenses each of our individual experiences bring to the discussion, has contributed to my learning and understanding of the course material and my friends. Plenty of our assumptions have been proven wrong, whether it be about the religious conservative or the raging liberal, we have found that our mental representations of these “types” are very skewed. Pop culture and the media appear to have a stronghold on our ideals, encouraging men to stereotype women, just as women stereotype men. However, what has become more apparent through our discussions, is that the individual ideas of love vary incredibly. When searching for interviewees, I decided to pick people both outside of my immediate social group and in various phases of…
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