Exploring The Different Values Placed On Art Works Essay

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AS91487 3.6 Examine the different values placed on art works

Mona Lisa – Leonardo Da Vinci 1506

- The Mona Lisa, 1503 - 1506, painted on poplar wood (77 x 53cm) with oil paint. This composition was created by Leonardo Da Vinci, a Quattrocento artist of the Italian Renaissance between the years of 1503 - 1506. The Mona Lisa is unquestionably acclaimed, with great artistic merit and value, to be the most highly revered, renowned painting. This form of art is a portrait, in which Leonardo Da Vinci has painted ‘une donna vera’ in a somewhat hazy landscape setting. In today’s society, ‘Lisa’ remains behind bulletproof glass, in a temperature-controlled box in her current residence, the Louvre museum, in which her role is to challenge each and every one of her 6 million annual visitors. With this in mind, she is one of, if not the most visited painting ever in existence.

Da Vinci was born in Italy and, a true Italian patriot he was, he spent most of his lifetime there during which Da Vinci completed many commissions, e.g. the Sforza family who took Da Vinci into their service. His service for the Sforza family continued until Da Vinci returned to Florence when Milan proved to be unsafe. Returning to Florence, Leonardo created many master inventions, appreciated today by many historians and scientists. The famed Mona Lisa portrays a young woman, or in the words of Da Vinci “une donna vera” whose identity is now confirmed but is still theorised to this day. Such theories
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