Exploring The Historical And Cultural Context Of The Passage

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Introduction American society produces new temptations every day and it is easy to fall into what could be harmful to a relationship with God. It becomes difficult to live a Christian life when the culture in which one lives is full of needs, desires, and ideas that are so contrary to what the Bible teaches. During the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, he also went through a few temptations at the hand of the devil. He endured these temptations and persevered righteously in spite of them. A few lessons can be learned by how Jesus handled these temptations. This paper will explore the exegetical insights I gained from studying Matthew 4:1-11. The first part will present the context gained from the broader and immediate discourse. The second section will help you understand the historical and cultural context of the passage. The major segment of this paper will go verse to verse through the selected passage and vary from interpretation and application. There will be a brief conclusion to my findings on the question that will drive this paper. That question is, “In what way was Jesus’ temptation both a malicious tempting act on Satan’s part and a required test to prepare Jesus for his ministry?” Literary Context First, we are going to take a look at the historical context of the time -- so that it can make us aware of the specific elements that we need to know in order to better understand this passage. Second, a quick survey of Matthew will be presented and how this

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