Exploring The Nature Of Patriarchy

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A study of the Complexities in exploring the nature of Patriarchy in the Indian Context


The objective of this project is to locate gender and sexual crimes in the Indian context and to see how the theoretical constructs of ‘feminism’ help in the understanding and exploration of the true nature of the institutions that implicitly and explicitly sanction such behaviour. The ‘institution’ that will be analysed in this context is the institution of ‘patriarchy’, under the larger backdrop of feudalism, which provides it with an ideological platform, on which to exist and function.


The main contention of this project is that ‘rape’ as a sexual and gender crime against women is a manifestation of the forces and
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2. The Ideological framework of Feminism and the Indian situation
3. Intersectionality as the Cognitive challenge to linear theorization of ‘rape’ in India
4. Media and its relationship with the ‘Rape Narrative’ in India.
5. Language, Knowledge and Gender in India: Linguistic Relativity of Thought

Exploring Rape and its relationship with patriarchal power structures in Indian Society

Rape is frequently denoted as a sexual crime, in popular perception, media and cultural understanding of most societies. The phrase, ‘sexual violence’ presupposes a strong sexual origin of the act of rape and the extent to which such an underlying sexual desire fuels such an act is the fundamental moot point of any policy discourse, attempting to tackle rapes in all its forms and against every kind of victim. The counter point extended by feminists, who locate themselves in a the ideological framework of locating all kinds of ‘sexual violence into the broad framework of sociological power structures, is extremely important, since it cognitively challenges the fundamental urge to conclude on rape as a crime that manifests itself, due to uncontrolled sexual urges of the perpetrator.

Moreover, it will be extremely important to test the ideological structure of feminism, in the Indian context, to explore its exploratory powers for the disconcerting statistical increases in occurrences of ‘rape’ from across the length and breadth of the country. In this
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