Exploring The Various Meanings Of Spirituality

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A worldview consists of values and theories that provide guidance in understanding reality, the essence of life (Shelly & Miller, 2006). There are different ways of interpreting the world and there are various factors that influence an individual’s view of his or her total wellbeing. These factors include spirituality and religious background, beliefs and experiences. According to Funk (2001), a worldview is a set of beliefs that control an individual’s thinking, knowing and doing. Individuals adhere to their model of worldview to lay a framework of attitudes about life and the world. Some aspects of worldview are shared by many in the population. However, concepts and elements vary for each person. This paper aims to explore the various meanings of spirituality as it relates to health care, human personhood, reality, death and afterlife, knowledge, code of ethics and human history.

Perspectives on Spirituality Spirituality is a common human element which resides in every individual and it is a compelling force that keeps an individual evolving and developing (Goddard, 1995). Frequently with God as its central focus, spirituality is a person’s belief in a greater power and his or her connectedness to God. Gotsis & Kortezi (2008) adds that spirituality is a person’s purpose to his or her existence and a desire to find its divine meaning. Philosophies such as, religious beliefs and practices, love for family and compassion to others all provide depth to the meaning of…
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