Exploring The Word Signifigance-Personal Narrative

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To me the word signifigance means something that holds value to you and cannot be replaced. For example, my childhood blanket, Kiki. I named my blanket Kiki as a child because I could not pronounce the work blanket. Now, Kiki was once a huge thick blanket that I could only use in the winter. Although it has been there through all of my moves and everything in between, so there is not much left but the inside cotton lining. I do not remember the day I got Kiki, considering it was given to me as a gift the day I was born, but I have seen countless pictures of my with it growing up. Initially Kiki was a colossal size blanket in comparison to my peanut sized self. I clearly remember how heavy it use to be too! I could only ever lay on top of it
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