Essay about Exploring Traditional Versus Online College Courses

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For years, college students globally have hoped there was a way to go to college without actually attending class. Now with the creation of the Internet, this fantasy is becoming reality. For some students getting out of bed in the morning to make it in time for class was the most challenging part of the day. Now with the innovation of online courses there’s no urgency, as these courses are done from the comfort of one’s residence at any time in day the student chooses. Online courses are booming in popularity. One research study conducted by the Sloan Consortium, an institution devoted to mainstreaming online colleges, reported that as many as 4.6 million students were enrolled in online courses in 2008 (Seaman). The author has had…show more content…
Online courses are an unattractive option for many students who need motivation and discipline to be productive. An additional attraction of online classes is that one can telecommute, which saves you the traveling time. Though, sometimes the time saved by studying at home is squandered while surfing the internet, before one forces oneself to open up the course window to start class work. Another important distinction between the two types of courses is the limited human interaction in online courses. While conventional classes afford real communication with the teacher, most online classes are done strictly over the Internet which means that in almost all cases the teacher and student will never actually meet or even really interact. These benefits go both ways, students and teachers alike have much to gain from human interaction, whether for a teacher to better asses a student’s understanding through facial expressions or tone of voice while asking questions, or students forming a connection with the teacher and thereby feeling comfortable asking those questions. This friendliness often generates wide ranging discussions, which contribute greatly to the learning experience. To imitate such an atmosphere virtually all online courses have required discussion boards. These boards are forums that students are expected to contribute to weekly. Although not an actual classroom
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