Exploring Treatment of Women in Nineteenth Century through Literature

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Exploring Treatment of Women in Nineteenth Century through Literature In the Nineteenth Century, women were treated very differently to the way they are today. Modern day society relies on the basis that there should be equality between men and women in all aspects of life and there have been laws put in place such as the Sex Discrimination Act to help reflect these policies. Authors who lived during the Nineteenth Century wrote about how women were seen and treated in the 19th Century. The stories they wrote gave the impression of society being dominated by males who believed that they were superior to women. This type of society was called a patriarchal society. The story 'Tony Kytes the…show more content…
Naturally the father would want his son to chose the best girl for his son. He decides that the right girl is "whichever of 'em did not ask to ride" with Tony. Tony's father belived that it was okay for men to be forward but it was not okay for women to be forward. This shows that in the Nineteenth century women were not supposed to expect or ask for things; they should get only what men offer to them. They were supposed to be passive to what men wanted and put their husband's needs before their own. In asking for a lift, the woman was pushing for what she wanted and therefore not being an ideal woman. Women were also expected to comply with what a man wanted her to do, no matter how absurd the request, or they would not be seen as a 'perfect women'. The women in 'Tony Kytes and the Arch-Deceiver' went along with Tony's strange requests of hiding under corn sacks- "I don't mind to oblige you Tony"- because as far as they were concerned, they should please their man to any extent. This story makes the reader believe that women in those times were expected to be passive, submissive and dependent on men. Because the Nineteenth century was a patriarchal society, women were expected to follow these unofficial rules of how to act. In 'Tony Kytes and the Arch-Deceiver' there are three different types of women that are described. Milly is the most naïve girl who falls for everything Tony
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