Exploring U.S. Health Care Expenditures

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Module 2 Assignment 1: Exploring U.S. Health Care Expenditures Name: Edward Hamilton 1. Year for which data is presented 2013 Total dollar amount for expenditures $ 2.9 trillion (1 pt) | 2. Explain how national health expenditures vary from governmental spending on health care. (2 pts) National health expenditures (NHE) comprise of all expenditures from all payer sources (individual and institutional) of which governmental spending is just one component of the NHE total. For example, an insured’s copay as well as a hospital’s new cancer center construction costs all count towards the NHE total. Governmental spending is…show more content…
The actual research into this issue has provided mixed results. At present, Medicare Advantage Plans that are administered by private insurance companies with 30% of the current Medicare population give a glimpse on what privatization actually looks like. Those companies are currently receiving a 6% premium over the per capita expenditure of a traditional Medicare recipient and President Obama wishes to change that arrangement (Goodman, 2014, para.4). However, there are studies that show that those MAP enrollees achieve better health outcomes that are supposed to result in long- term savings to the Medicare program (Goodman, 2014, para.10). If the entire program were to be privatized, there would have to be many variables analyzed before reaching a final answer to this question. My non-political short answer is “Yes, the percentage would change” but in which direction and to what degree would be speculation. If I had to guess, the percentage would rise slightly due to economic demographics and not pure politics. | Out-of-pocket | 3k. 12% | | 3n. Why has out of pocket spending been trending up over the last 20 years? Kelton opines that there has been such a forceful movement away from employer based insurance that the employer based system will collapse. (Kelton & CFEPS, 2007, para. 38) For the employers that
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