Exploring Understanding of Critical Educational Theory to Analyse a Case Study from Community and Youth Work Practice.

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University of Sunderland

Community and Youth Work Studies (BA Hons)

3rd Year

Education in Community and Youth Work
CYW 307

Tutor : Ilona Buchroth
Student : Valerie Ender
Date : 16th January 2012
Part 1
Please use your understanding of critical educational theory to analyse a case study from community and youth work practice.

“Our aspiration is for a more socially mobile and just society, where young people can be the authors of their own life story.” (Tim Loughton MP, 2011)

In this essay I will explore my understanding of critical educational theory and how it relates to empowering young people to make informed choices about their own lives. I will look at ways Community and Youth work can enable young people to
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Simply having a job at all is the limit of their ambition. The low aspirations of these working class young people embed the status quo. These young people see nothing wrong with their life plans and were, for the most part, perfectly happy with their lot in life. Most of the young people come from homes where money is tight and only a few of them sport the latest trainer or gadget.
The school system supports the dominant ideology, Kingsmeadow is classed by Ofsted (2010) as a good school, even though, the Governments own league table place Kingsmeadow School second to bottom in educational attainment within the Borough.
These young people are generally happy at school, the atmosphere is pleasant and reasonably respectful but exam results are poor. Gramsci would state that the education system was enabling the hegemonic ideology by consent and perpetrating the false consciousness that this level of attainment and aspiration is normal and entirely appropriate for these young people. Neither student, parent, teacher, governor nor the wider community appear to challenge the status quo.
Young people from higher social classes are enabled to succeed and to have higher aspirations from early childhood. Access to higher attaining schools, being able to pay for private education, or being able to move house to be close to a better school; involvement in extracurricular activities, such as music and art
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