Essay on Exploring What Caused the War on Afghanistan

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The War on Afghanistan September 11, 2001 is a day that will remain in the hearts and history books of Americans for centuries. Americans turned on televisions, radios, and any other media as they awaited the devastating news that the infamous World Trade Center was attacked by two hijacked airplanes. Soon after, they found that the culprits also attempted to attack the Pentagon. Many say that this event is what brought Americans together and created change in the American society. The most traumatic result of this is the War on Afghanistan. The war on Afghanistan officially began October 2007. In order to understand the causes of this war we must first point out the facts. In late December 1979, the Soviet invaded Afghanistan after…show more content…
From this point a civil war broke out and many parties wishing to gain control emerged. The most powerful of these parties was the Taliban group. Their reputation allowed them to gain power and instill their belief that they should have a strict Islamic nation. Their policies stated that women were strictly forbidden to attend school. Men who had not grown full beards were not allowed in the same common areas that men with beards preoccupied. In 2001, they went so far as to order that all non-Islamic idols be removed and destroyed. Over a ten to fifteen year period they reigned in Afghanistan. The Taliban went to war with whomever they felt stood in their way. They took over many capitals and defeated many warlords with the help of Osama bin-Laden and his al-Qaida group. They also solicited the help of Pakistan. Following the 1998 terrorist attacks on American embassies in Africa, America launched a missile attack on Al-Qaida training camps. The war wasn’t officially declared until October 7, 2001. On this day, the U.S., along with the support of the British initiated what was called “Operation Enduring Freedom”. During the period from October to November these two powerful nations used submarine missile as well as aerial attacks. Sometime in late November the reign of the Taliban came to an end. Surrounded by opposing forces on all sides, the Taliban gave in and surrendered its last stronghold, the city of Kandahar. In
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