Exploring and Defining Racism Essay

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Exploring and Defining Racism Works Cited Missing To define racism it is important to firstly define race. Race is defined as "a group characterized by closeness of common descent and usually also by some shared physical distinctiveness, such as colour of skin" (source: Modern Thought - Bullock and Stallybrass). Racism can be defined as "a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others" In the name of protecting their race from…show more content…
This has led to separate schools, communities (sometimes divided by man-made physical barriers) and prejudice in employment. In Germany, many forms of racism were encouraged and sanctioned by the Nazi Party, who then became a government by appealing to these prejudices. Adolf Hitler used images and language to relate the everyday bad experiences of Germans in the 1930s to various groups in German society. Ethnic, religious and cultural racism was evident against, for example, Jews, Catholics, gypsies and Slavs. To a lesser degree, there are political movements in almost every European country who currently identify and exploit differences between groups to gain popularity. In Britain, the British National Party has gained local council representation in Burnley, and in France there is a right wing party led by Le Pen. There are different reasons why some people become racist. One of the usual causes is a result of attitudes they have inherited from their parents, families and peers. This suggests that people are usually only racist if they are brought up in racist environments, because scientific studies have shown that children below three or four years of age are not prejudiced. Another cause of racism is a fear of things or of people who are thought to be different in some way and perhaps threaten a way of life, such as the apartheid governments of
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