Essay about Exploring the Arts and Resource Management

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The term “resource management” is an umbrella term that encompasses all forms of resources and how they can be developed and managed to create an effective and efficient use of the organizations available resources. Resources are typically thought of as including tangible things such as goods, buildings, equipment, technology, financial resources, and people, or non-tangible things like creative ideas, vision, and mission. Each of these resources can be broken down to fit into a more specific category heading such as human resource management, material resource management, facility management, financial management, strategic planning and development, and legal management.
The arts, just like any other field of business, will contain elements of these resource management categories. An arts organization still offers a product or services. They will target specific markets, put policies and procedures in place to control the use of financial, material, and human available resources to ensure the stability and future sustainability of the company. However, the ever changing environment of the arts, the creative minds we encounter during the process, and the desire to manage resources with the end goal being the maintaining and development of organizations artistic mission and vision is what makes resource management in this field so different and challenging. Our audience is always changing, our working locations may be changing from show to show, our creative (and…

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