Exploring the Concepts of Monotheism in Western Religions

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If a person were to juxtapose the western religions that exist in our society today, a vast amount of people would conclude that a major similarity between them is that they are all monotheistic. There is a multiple amount of religions in this world today, but a few are monotheistic like the western religions and then there are the polytheistic religions, which tend to be more along the eastern side. Monotheism can be straight forward with its definition; however, there are certain concepts that need to be known in order to completely understand the true nature of monotheism in today’s western religions. These concepts can be comprehensible by exploring a few themes within monotheism. Fundamentally, monotheism refers to the notion…show more content…
Fundamentally, all of these translate in to God being all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving, all-present, as well as God is believed to be transcendent. God is also believed to be eternal, holy, perfect, forgiving and is neither female nor male. Within the Islam religion, they refer to their God as Allah, which essentially is the same deity but just a different name. Christianity views God as a trinity, which basically means that God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; however, that doesn’t mean they believe in three different deities. Needless to say, the trinity refers to three characteristics of one divine substance. As it seems, there are multiple names for God within Judaism, but the important concept is that they normally don’t say or write the name as it is forbidden in the sense that it is to remind people of how holy God actually is. Either way, these western religions tend to share common monotheistic beliefs. Even though there is much speculation about how monotheism first commenced, an important theme that needs to be mentioned is that there are multiple forms of monotheism. The first form is referred to as exclusive monotheism, which essentially describes that there is only one God that exists and that other gods do not. In other words those other gods don’t exist or are basically considered false gods/demons . Within exclusive monotheism, there are

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