Exploring the Curriculum

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St. Louise de Marillac College of Sorsogon Higher Education Department S. Y. 2011-2012 Submitted by: JUSHABETH G. GARCERA BSEd-III Submitted to: DR. BELEN DOMINGUIANO Instructor FS4 Exploring the Curriculum FIELD STUDY ------------------------------------------------- Episode 1 ------------------------------------------------- LOOK DEEPER INTO THE CONCEPTS, NATURE AND PURPOSES OF THE CURRICULUM Name of FS Student Jushabeth G. Garcera________________________________ Course BSEd (Bachelor of Secondary Education Year & Section III___ Resource Teacher Mrs. Pamela Abecia_______ Signature ___________ Date ________ Cooperating School St. Louise de Marillac College of Sorsogon (BED)___________ My Target At the end of this…show more content…
Interview an administrator or a faculty member. Get their ides/views of the curriculum. Write the differences on both sides and the similarities at the center and then write your personal insights. Progressive Curriculum Traditional Curriculum * Similarities Lack of instruct- > They are updated tional materials > Gives all the learner’s * * Both of them teach the students with their needs. * Wants to accomplish a certain goal. * Gives the students a good process of learning style. Crowded classroom needs and interest * Lack of chairs, > Introduces new strate- equipments/ gies in teaching facilities, and > they are now globally books competetive * The teachers don’t > It has a total learning have enough experiences among the knowledge on students/learners technologies for > Gives opportunities effective and to develop a high order meaningful teaching thinking skills * There are some > used modern instruct- obsolete ideas tional materials that are suited to the needs of the learners Traditional curriculum is really far if we compared this to progressive curriculum. In progressive curriculum, there is a quality of education – the teachers are competitive and ready to compete to our globally competitive world. The students in progressive curriculum, and eager to learn unlike in
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