Exploring the Different Styles of Coaching Essay

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It is the rare individual who has the exact same style and set of behaviors at work as at home. There are many legitimate reasons for this. When asked why they have different behaviors and actions, people typically respond that work has a completely different environment and calls for adaptations to that environment. There is a supervisor to whom they report, creating a somewhat subservient role. There are also the daily pressures, stressors, deadlines, lack of autonomy and other situations involving low power over which one has very little control. At home, one generally wouldn’t duplicate any of that. It is more of a shared responsibility with a partner and usually more control over the daily, weekly and long term goals and desired …show more content…
For the personal side, my compass points were as a Spouse, Parent or Friend. The results were indeed different, as I would be expected to act, react and interact differently, depending on the situational role I was in. This is not unlike the concept of Situational Leadership (Hersey, 1984), where leadership style is dependent on the situation, task, time, authority, culture and dozens of other variables (Hersey & Blanchard, 1977).
The chart below is the result of the assessment representing both the work and home standpoint:
Work Rank Home

Driver 1 3

Express/Persuade 2 1

Analyze 3 4

Amiable 4 2
(Aguinis, 2009)

I would describe the 1-4 rank as follows:
Primary, or 1 – what you see is what you get.
Secondary, or 2 – fairly close to primary; there won’t be much in question.
Tertiary, or 3 – it’s there, and is done, and you will see it appropriately.
Latent, or 4 – is not real obvious, but can become strong if required for the situation.

Developmental Plan I will address my developmental plan from the work perspective. My home perspective has served me well over 30+ years of marriage and two well adjusted kids, therefore, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” seems to be in order on that front. My work Primary was just slightly more predominant than my Secondary, so there was not much difference in my emphasis on Driver than on Expresser/Persuader.
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