Exploring the Different Types of Special Needs Education Essay

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Special Needs In earlier, more primitive civilizations, all persons were expected to be able-bodied in order to stay alive. Those persons who had defects noted at birth were note protected and allowed to die at delivery or in early years. As time progressed, researchers and medical doctors began to study and treat children with disabilities. These actions aided in supporting the live on children that are challenged with disabilities (Reynolds & Fletcher-Janzen, 2002) Special needs education is defined as teaching and support developed give attention to exceptional educational requirements. The phrase “special needs” in education has emerged to replace the phrase “special education.” Special education primarily gave reference to …show more content…
Consistent use of the term special needs denotes a positive reception of the different types of promising resources that are available for consideration. The supplementary instruments are those made available that supersede the resources commonly available to students where a thought not given the requirements students likely to have certain challenges in admittance of standard education programs. (Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, 2000) Special needs children are also called exceptional children. According to Heward (2010), every child displays dissimilarities from each other with respect to physical features and learning capabilities. The main dissimilarity between many children is comparatively small, helping these children to profit from standard educational curriculum. When physical features and learning capabilities diverge from the standard (whichever lower than or higher than), these students are called exceptional children. These exceptional children need a personalized educational plan of special learning and associated resources to obtain the complete benefit of learning. The phrase exceptional children encompasses children who go through challenges in education and those who accomplishments are above average that changes in the program and lesson are required to
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