Exploring the Factors Contributing to the Development of the Cold War

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Exploring the Factors Contributing to the Development of the Cold War There were several factors which led to the development of the Cold War. In this essay I will discuss the disagreement over Poland and Truman's personality.

Disagreement over how Poland should be governed was a very important factor in the development of the Cold War. Churchill, Britain and Roosevelt, USA wanted Poland to be democratic whereas Stalin wanted to make sure that Poland's new government was friendly towards the USSR. The Yalta Agreement had tried to
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This clash of ideas was important as it harmed the relation between the countries, and therefore led to a Cold War developing. The British and the Americans were also horrified by Russia's behaviour regarding the Warsaw uprising. When the London Poles (the anti-Soviet potential government) decided to seize control of part of Poland, the Soviet army did nothing to help them although they were very close. As a result, it was brutally destroyed by the Germans and almost 300,000 Poles were killed in the process. Again, this harmed the relation between Britain and America and the USSR. At Yalta, they tried to resolve the problems concerning the government of Poland and Polish land. The borders of Poland were altered without too much problem and it was agreed that the Lublin government in Poland was to be expanded to include some London Poles as well and that free elections would be held as soon as possible. However, this was not put into practice; Stalin only talked about bringing non-communists into Poland without carrying it out and Molotov, the Foreign Minister rejected the idea of letting the London Poles have a significant role in the government. This led to extreme disappointment because people had thought that Stalin would allow western-style governments to be set up in Eastern Europe and it also meant that people lost
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