Exploring the Gender Differences in Relationships in the Workplace

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Workplace friendship enhances mutual trust and commitment among employees, an employee can share his or her interests and values with others via workplace friendship. From the organizational perspective, workplace friendships are associated with several important outcomes, such as job performance, productivity, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and reducing an employee’s intension to leave. From an individual’s perspective, workplace friendship is beneficial and is able to provide emotional supports for employees. It makes an employee to have a better job in the workplace, and to help an individual to get the better job performance and career development [1]. This paper mainly discusses about the relationship between gender difference and employee workplace, and further more discusses if any differences exist between those in Taiwan and Mainland China for clarifying of geographic difference having an impact in the relationship between these two regions.

Significance of the Article and Summary
The aim of this article focuses about exploring the factors that develop the relationship between gender difference and employee workplace friendship. This research identified and analyzed statistically two hypotheses.
1. Gender having significant differences effect on work place friendship.
2. Gender of Taiwan has stronger significant effect on workplace friendship than those in China.
The two factors influencing friendship in workplace are individual factors
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