Exploring the Idea of Freedom of Speech in American Media

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PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES The United States constitution gives Americans many rights. One of those rights is the freedom of speech. The Supreme Court has started hearing arguments in a case that could rewrite the rules for television stations now prohibited from pushing nudity or profanity on public airwaves. In the United States, while most American families view television shows with nudity, violence, and profanity as a threat to the traditional family structure. Some see it as their right to have those programs available to them on television. In The New York Times article “More Than Ever, You Can Say That On Television” by Edward Wyatt, the author addresses that the issue is not that the language and content on television is more inappropriate that previous years, but that it is show during all hours. I believe that these programs do not reinforce family values; they have a negative influence on children, and should be show after 10:00 PM. The use of profanity and of deliberate substitutes for profanity on television does not reinforce family values. In fact, it does the opposite by undermining the lesson about not using vulgar language in most families. Families should have the right to determine what kinds of behavior and what kinds of language are appropriate but television can compete with any family values in that regard. By presenting foul language as acceptable for general use, television programs become arbiters of behavior by influencing the culture outside the
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