Exploring the Impact of Epidemiology and Political Economy on Fighting Cardiovascular Disease

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Society is unaware of how vital epidemiology and political economy is to cardiovascular disease and as well as their well being. One of the leading causes of death in society is cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease usually occurs in low income families. An epidemiologist studies the causes and transmission of the ailment within a population. As an epidemiologist, they need to take into account factors such as: the population’s usage of tobacco, an individual’s unhealthy diet, and the person’s physical inactivity. In political economy the use consumption of tobacco products is one of the most profitable and an influential cash crop as it heavily influences individuals. Political economists see “different groups as having …show more content…
The underprivileged rely on food banks for nourishment, but to prevent cardiovascular disease it’s suggested that everyone has five to ten servings of fruits and vegetables which aren't widely available in such places. In developing countries, poorer socioeconomic groups have higher rates of risk factors, and higher occurrences of disease and high mortality rates. In developing countries as the cardiovascular disease epidemic matures the load will modify to the lower socioeconomic groups.
Socio-economic status and political economy are similar to each other. Being underprivileged is similar to being in the lowest in the socio-economic ladder. Being at the bottom of the ladder is undesirable. Poverty has an effect that is not only related to “personal behaviours engaged in by poorer or richer people (Coburn, 2006).” What’s more discouraging is “the gap between the rich and poor in society and how much the society cares for and shares with its members (Coburn, 2006)”.
An epidemiologist would establish reasons why people develop cardiovascular disease by looking at a population with smokers and non smokers. Looking at both groups would establish consequences for actions. If a population were all smokers then it would be difficult to compare the incidence rates between smokers and non-smokers. In that case an epidemiologist would study “health in a population all depends on the

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