Exploring the Implications, the Outcry and the Outcome of Marriage in Bharati Mukherjee’s Miss New India

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Bharati Mukherjee’s novels range widely across time and space dealing especially with the consequences emerging out of cultural confrontation of the East with West in the alien land. All her novels are female centered and deals with the changed psyche of the protagonist’s behaviors. But her latest novel Miss New India (2011) takes a U-turn in dealing with the protagonist, Anjali Bose, in her own country i.e. India bringing the western cultural confrontational effects of highly sophisticated life style in rural and urban India. This paper focuses on the issues of marriage in typical Indian family in which marriage is considered as the utmost holy duty of parents. It also brings out the challenges, implications, outcry and outcome of…show more content…
They have come forward in every aspect of human life. Some of them have broken the conservative patriarchal set of womanhood and crossed the limits of family restrictions to make their carrier bright and vibrant. They have also challenged the patriarchal marriage system to fulfill their desires and gains. They have not only participated in school games but made their presence in the fast growing society also. Such a sketch is portrait in Miss New India (2011) by Bharati Mukherjee.
Bharati Mukherjee an established, diasporic women writer has made her corpus in immigrant sensibility and cross-cultural crisis not only in American or Canadian context but also in India. All her previous novels or stories deal with the women protagonists in assimilation of alien cultures in alien lands. But Miss New India is purely set within India but the western cultural effects have played a vital role in developing the themes. It creates a new orientation of woman identity dealing with the conservative thoughts of patriarchal system and modern western life style cultural effects in growing India. It deals with various issues such as rape, international terrorism, false charges of murder, police brutality, arranged marriage system, teenage runaway, divorce life, gay life in India, prostitution, art of theft, suicide, role of outsourcing of Indian economy, the art of photography, homelessness, telecom centers (call center life), immigrating in India and assimilation in Indian culture.

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