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Exploring the Sixties We often hear the sixties referred to as the ‘swinging’ decade bye people who were around at the time, but really how true is this statement. Were the sixties really swinging or is that just the way people want to remember them. Could the term ‘the swinging sixties’ really have been created to mask the tragedy and suffering of many during that decade? The sixties was, undoubtedly one of the most internationally hostile decades of the century. Through many separate events there was a breakdown in international trust. I will go into these later. No one can deny however that the sixties were swinging, at least in the world of fashion. Music too was a big influence on…show more content…
This information gained from these two valuable primary sources contrasts strongly with other sources that I have studied. One other source for instance described a MOD called Denzil and an average week for him. It was written in a book called ‘the sixties’ written by Frances Wheen in 1982. Because this book was published after the sixties it is a secondary source and therefore we cannot be guaranteed its authenticity. It is probably then safe to assume that the MOD in question had exaggerated slightly what was written in the source. It describes his week and sees him out every night of he week but Thursday a various pubs and night clubs around London. This Source cannot be taken, and considered the lifestyle of the average man or woman of the sixties because as we have seen so far with my two primary sources, it wasn’t. This source was probably written to form part of book which was either a cash-in on the sixties portrayal as the swinging decade, or as a source in a proper educational history book. We can see from my interviews so far that this kind of lifestyle was certainly not lived by the majority of people. Although many thought that this was the life led by most MODs. We can see that this was common opinion by looking at a satirical picture from ‘punch’
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