Exploring the Story of The Odyssey

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Exploring the story of The Odyssey Many years after the end of the Trojan War, Odysseus still hasn’t returned home to Ithaka. Many believe that he is dead, but the author lets us know that he is being held as a sex captive on the goddess Kalypso’s island. Kalypso has no plans of letting him go to return home either. Odysseus’s wife, Penelope lives back in their town, Ithaka, is being pressured by unwanted suitors. Their son, Telemachos, is visited by the goddess Athene. Athene was quite close with Odysseus, and she tells Telemachos to go looking for his missing father. He travels to Pylos to see the King, Nestor. Nestor takes him in, gives him dinner and then tells him to go see King Menelaos in Sparta. Telemachos does as he’s told and travels to Sparta to see King Menelaos. He tells him that his father Odysseus is alive and is being kept captive on Kalypso’s island. He also tells him that his brother, King Agamemnon, has been murdered by his own wife, Klytamestra, and her lover Aigisthos. But, Agamemnon’s son, Orestes has killed his father’s murderers Athene asks her father, Zeus, king of the gods, to force Kalpyso to release him. Odysseus leaves the island on a makeshift raft. Poseidon creates a storm, causing Odysseus to wash ashore in the land of Phaiakians. Athene the makes the princess of the Phaiakians, Nausikaa to develop feelings for Odysseus. She takes him home to meet her parents, the King and Queen of Phaiakia, and Odysseus ends up
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