Explosion of Interest Essay

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Explosion of Interest

A community can be defined in many ways. The most basic definition is a group of people sharing common interests, thoughts, beliefs, or values. Today's fastest growing and most diverse communities are those experienced through the Internet. In the article "Everyone's a Critic," Richard Lacayo describes the many communities where people can express their feelings on books, movies, music, and restaurants. His representation of online communities can be shared with that of Amy Bruckman's in her article 'Finding One's Own in Cyberspace." Both articles represent online communities as one of today's fastest and easiest ways of sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world. With shared views about the Net, both
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The ability to communicate through the Internet has connected people in a way that is immeasurable. People now turn to cyberspace to have questions answered, feelings shared, and opinions heard. As Lacayo implies, everyone truly can be a critic and can be valued despite their position. As a result of the appreciation and recognition of a community, the Internet continues to grow more diverse and interesting. With many different interests, beliefs, values, opinions, and feelings, many online communities are bound to be equally as varied. After all, the Net is made up of hundreds of thousands of separate communities, each with its own special character" (Bruckman l71). With the collective decisions made by each community, the amount of diversity throughout the Internet is unlimited. Consequently, each individual user can find a community that suits their personal interests or thoughts. With variety promised on the Net, many see their differences as something we need to cultivate and cherish" (Bruckman 178). Diversity is cherished on the Internet because it allows people to find a place they can relate to. As Internet communities become more assorted, users are now more likely to find a community that they can call their own. Above all, most people have constructed their energies to "help make people aware of the variety of

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