Explosive Devices and Their Effects on the Government Essay

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“Explosive weapons have a high capacity to damage the social and economic infrastructure upon which civilian populations rely. The destruction of housing, power supplies, water and sanitation systems, health facilities, schools, markets, roads and transport links, and energy infrastructure present direct humanitarian problems, deplete local and national capacity for production and growth, and necessitate high levels of reconstruction expenditure, diverting scarce resources from investments necessary to achieving developmental targets such as the Millennium Development Goals. Explosive weapons may be used to impair the functioning of such infrastructure in an effort to undermine social and community level interactions and challenge the…show more content…
The blasts from IEDS and attacks creates intense trauma. The trauma caused is not only physical but also psychological with causalities having types of nervous disorders labeled “Shell-Shock”.
Trauma Care Management not only deals with the treatment of causalities but starts from transporting the injured people from the site of attack to hospital, Pre-hospitalization analysis and determining the nature of injury to classify on the basis of priority and proceeding cases as per the analysis.
Trauma Care also involves setting up communication centers to aid families about the information and details of their near and dear ones who were injured or were present in the area during the blasts. Victim Assistance is required post the treatment of physical injuries as the Long term psychological effects are prominent.
Counter Measures to tackle IED
Attack the network
Counter measures to tackles IED and explosion starts from attacking the networks based on information and strong intelligence operation. This resolves issue even before it is originated.
Defeat the device
Great effort needs to be put into detecting devices. Methods include hand-held detectors, sniffer dogs and sophisticated searching techniques and equipment.
Train the force
Training of force involves not only the task teams associated with detection and disposal of IED and Suicide Bombs but also the rescue forces who acts during an event of bomb
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