Expo 67 and National Identity

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Research Assignment: Expo 67 and National Identity What does it mean to be Canadian? What is Canada’s national identity? These are questions which are difficult to answer. The International and Universal Exposition in 1967, or otherwise known as Expo 67, was an exhibition held in Montreal, Quebec from April to October, which was celebrating Canada’s centennial. I found many primary and secondary sources that recognize how Canadians perceive national identity through the exhibition. The theme for the Expo was ‘Man and his World’ and this raised the sense of national pride for Canadians. I found some sources that looked at ‘Canadian National Identity’ as a whole; as well as Canadian National Identity for the Natives, the French Canadians…show more content…
The Institute for Analytical Research Incorporated conducted a survey called Predispositions and Expectations of Ontarians with Respect to Expo ’67 to see how Ontarians viewed the upcoming exposition. The survey found that most Ontarians see Expo 67 as a “catalyst of psychological changes such as greater Canadian unity, and increased sense of Canadian-ness, better understanding between Quebec and Ontario.” It also indicated that Ontarians hoped that Expo 67 would allow for the strengthening of “national unity and creat[ion of] a truly integrated Canadian presence.” This survey revealed that most Ontarians believed that Expo 67 would help build a national identity. Like Erin Hurley’s article, this article focuses on the relationship between French and English Canadians, and it would have been beneficial if there would have been a survey for Quebecois where the same/similar questions were asked. A reader learns through this source that although there existed tensions between Quebec and the rest of Canada, this survey demonstrated the hopes of finding a national identity at Expo 67 for both parties. The Canadian Press’ newspaper article entitled Pride, Confidence, Faith in Canada are Typical Reactions to Expo 67, examines the sense of pride, hope for the future and national identity that Canadians felt after being at Expo 67. The journalist claims that the exposition “showed national pride” and demonstrate that Canadians are “proud to be
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