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Philippine Travel and Tour Expo
Research Paper

The Philippine Travel and Tour Expo was held last February 19-21, 2010 at the SMX convention center. With the theme “Ready, Jet-set, Go!”, the event presents an exceptional atmosphere that stimulates the desire to travel among visitors – either by air, water, rail or road, for business or for recreation, within or outside the Philippines. Considered as the country’s biggest travel event, this year’s expo was participated by 230 travel and tourism companies which offered anywhere between 30 and 70 percent discounts on their products and services. The list of companies included international and domestic airlines, cruise operators, tourism agencies, hotels and resorts, tour operators,
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|Enchantment Awaits |Ineffective, their marketing strategy is |
| | |more of the personal approach, talk with |
| | |the customer one-on-one type of |
| | |communication, they were not giving out |
| | |flyers |
|India |Incredible India |Ineffective, marketing tool is picture |
| | |taking with a giant cardboard replica of |
| | |the Taj Mahal, they aren’t really pushing |
| | |people to go to India but they just want to|
| | |introduce what India is |
|Hong Kong |Live and Love |Effective, marketing tools comprise of just|
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