Export And Demand Of Goods From Other Countries

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For years upon years, countries have been requesting for other countries for supplies that they do not have for themselves. The countries would demand for that item and in return the other country would supply it for them. They would trade products in and out of their countries due to a term known as supply and demand. The goods and services that a country supplies and demands depends on the country and what they have. Since not every country has the same needs or has the same resources, there is a trade between countries at times. Comparing the countries and their supply and demands of imports and exports, the top countries for each have their reasons to why they’re at the top, whether it be because they have less government restrictions…show more content…
Some countries might supply, the amount of goods that a market can produce, and demand, the amount of goods the consumers are willing to buy, more than others, but they are still supplying and demanding something out of someone else. The country could demand something from its own citizens and the citizens would supply it, but it could be applied to an even bigger audience. A country could demand something from another country and in result, the other country would supply the demand to either keep its friendship with the other country, or to keep its reliance for when something is needed. Or the countries could do a simple trade of supplies they have that the countries demand. In result to supply and demand between countries, it creates utility, total satisfaction received from consuming a goods or service. Demand shows how much of a product a consumer is willing and able to consume, based on the price at a certain time period. The law of demand is, when prices are to fall, the quantity of the product that consumers want begins to rise. In simpler forms, when the price to an item drops, consumers are willing to buy more because they are cheaper and more affordable, more people are willing and able to buy the item. If it was to be the opposite, where the price was to increase, the demand for the product would decrease due to the price being more expensive. When prices are decreased, the quantity is increased, which gives the law of demand an inverse
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