Export Products Of Indonesia And Indonesia

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Footwear is one of the most featured export products of Indonesia. Roszandi (2014) stated that the ministry of Industry said that Indonesia already fulfill about 3 percent of footwear market in the world. That based on the export value data in 2013, which reach US$ 3.8 million. However, footwear market still dominated by imported products.
The changing wave of lifestyle has happened to Indonesian consumer these several years. According to Mckinsey, by 2030, Indonesians who shift to urban area expected to reach 71 percent of the total population in Indonesia of 255.5 million people. Within these urban Indonesians population of 138 million, it affects the number of consuming class, which expected to gain 86 million in 2020 (Mckinsey 2014). The number of urban Indonesian indicates women’s changing of lifestyle that moving to urban areas to build a career instead of just getting married and staying home. MarkPlus (2013) claimed that the growing market segmentation recently were youth, women and Internet users. The research found that apparently Indonesian women are in trendy influencer and independent dominant category. This indicated the role of women in society requires them to play a multitasking role between their professional life and social life.
HKTDC (2014) found that the transformation from traditional role of housewife to a busy employed women in Indonesia increase to 43 millions or 52 percent of working age population in Indonesia. Those from age 25-40 have the…

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